Friday, 17 May 2013


My first Experience

In the first time i worried a lot to get a single project in website designing, At that time I am trying to capture the clients by flushing  emails regularly.. But it doesn't made an effect as i think. I failed because of pumping emails for requesting to design their website. But in my point of view  I am sincerely advising you that if you are a beginner in website designing and have a website designing agency, never pump emails to clients by requesting to design their website, because it will make a bad reputation for you as well your website designing agency (company). Look an Example that , doctors will not search for patients in any way, but patients will search for doctors and wait for a long time by booking a ticket. At same way if you are a web designer., you are also a web programmer, in other words we say a computer programmer. I am finalizing one that, people will not address us with Dr. But we are thinking, memorizing and doing things in such a manner how a doctor thinks, the only difference is they are thinking and providing things for medical world. But our contributions are for the wide IT industry..

Avoid Cheap Services

There is a standard rate for anything, giving a service at cheap rate will make your skills and abilities as cheap.  For example , there are two doctors in our area, one charges $50 and other charges $10, some people must go to doctor who is charging $10, but you cannot assure why he is charging  $10, may be he is charging $10 because his syringes were not properly sterilized, then what will be the whole effect ? if you say cheap rate, some people must think in such a way, that you services are corrupted like $10 doctor .. but i cannot predict, some times his syringes and services is better than the doctor who is charging $50, that is a may be or may not be condition....  ,

So i would like to give a right advice to you that being a professional computer programmer/web programmer do not render your services for cheap rates.I say being professional means, before you taking any  project understand the whole behavior and aspects of that problem/project, and think what solutions you can apply for that,  and think yourself that,  i am worthy to do it as myself, if not i will consult to whom for help/ for my work group, at this point you can take the final decision whether you want to confirm the project with client or not. If you are proceeding with the project say a feasible rate that should not be changed (you fees must includes your margin, your expense and the expected loss if any thing happens related to project). Then submit the proposal to client. Frankly, if you are not suffered any loss over that project you should give that margin back to client. It is the business ethics all professional and talented  programmers must keep. But different people have different attitudes in their business plan, so they can choose their own way for the success, but we must keep the ethics in business, that is we must render what we are confirmed, if you are not able to finish one module, reduce that percentage and give it back to client. Moreover once you fixed the rate with client it should not be changed. Never say a cheap rate to take the business from competitor and proposing a new rate in the midst of the project after confirmation. It is unethical, if any body is doing business in such a standard , you must inform and talk about  his business logic to our other co-workers/web programmers/developers also. They are in this field for making bad reputation to we /web developers/programmers.

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