Friday, 10 May 2013


Colors and Human Psychology

When we design a website we think, which color to be used / which color is more friendly related to the contents of the website. Checking different colors from color palette and  re-working under graphics and images is truly time consuming and makes double effort.

From my study i found using colors other than , Blue, Red, Green, silver, white, black, pink , Orange will provide a nasty look for the website. These proper combination of these colors pay a good attention, make a feeling of happiness in the mind. The things we consider is the color we are using on the web page should not pierce into the eyes of visitors. For example i have bad attitude towards web pages using black as background and white as foreground, which utilizes our eyes more. I think if the visitor of that website is a web developer and he is a senior citizen, some times he will say some ***** in mind and close it out frequently. The main concept is, the colors we choose should not be a hard one,  and should not be a soft one. I say in my view if the color is hard we are overruling the visitors, but it is too soft, it makes an attitude that  we are not confident in the things we are doing .

To avoid the color dissimilarity, we can use a hard color in body background, but  80% of  it should be covered by a layer wrapper (root layer of website) and it should be in any soft matching colors.

Background color of Webpage - Using a combined background color using white at bottom with any matching color vertically would make a nice feeling in the web page, then you can set the exact background color of body to white, with out repeating the background image vertically or horizontally. You may not understand this,  while you are reading,  but when you do it accordingly as stated, you will get the idea.

Background color of root layer(wrapper) - It is better to do the wrapper with white, but you can increase the darkness of white a little.

Foreground color - Font color should be black or reduced darkness of black,  merely the color code #525252 in white background. But if the background color is not white, selecting pure white for font would be nice.

Navigational Links - Hyperlinks are normally set in blue in white background. and changing color to a different one when mouse over the link.  For deep background colors we use white foreground colors for navigational links.

Background color for Navigational Bars ; It would be nice, using a combined color with hard and light background in navigational bar, which express a right feeling for visitors.

Borders - Light borders of Orange, Green, Pink. Blue feels good for the layers that have black or white background, other wise using a border color related to  #B4B4B4 less or higher the darkness would be nice.

Footer - Normally the background color of footer is little dark version of root layer.

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